14 March 2024

๐ŸŽ‰ New features

  • Our first step towards subspace rendering is live. You can now specify which levels to include in the viewer. This is available through smplr.js, either when you start the viewer (see includeLevels in the docs), or dynamically after the viewer has started (docs). It's also possible to use this feature on shared space links by appending the (zero-based) level indices to include to url: /0 for the first level only, /0-3 for the first and 4th level, /0~3 for the first to the 4th level, or any combination of these.

  • We have added the possibility to update the viewer's renderOptions dynamically, letting you adapt the way the space is rendered based on the data visualization needs you have. This lets you move from a data only view to a normal view instantly without restarting the viewer. See the docs for details.

  • You can now disable grounds from the rendering (see grounds.render in the docs).

  • You can now pre-navigate the viewer to a certain level when you start it (see topShownLevel in the docs).

  • We've added synchronous equivalents for each asynchronous function in QueryClient. This relies on our caching and requires pre-caching the space data, but make it much easier to implement batch compute queries by mapping arrays, or similar. See the docs for details.