22 March 2024

No new feature today, but this release is a big one as it significantly improves the behavior of our viewer and data layers in 2D mode, as well as for spaces that span a very large area.

See below a before/after of an extreme case — a space spanning 700m by 460m 🤯.

💅 Improvements

  • We've completely reworked the 2D mode of the viewer and it now renders spaces of all sizes without flickering.

  • Data layers in 2D mode are now fully managed in height/elevation, to make it much simpler to use and predictable in rendering.

  • Data layers in 3D mode are now automatically positioned in height/elevation if their value is so low that it would be hidden under the ground.

  • We've made sure that walls are always rendered higher than grounds and ground level data layers, making car park data viz (e.g.) much easier to achieve and predictable across space sizes. It's a trade-off with rendering of extremely large spaces, but will make the behavior more predictable for 95% of the users.

  • We've improved the default behavior of ground types so it's simpler to overlap different grounds, but still provide full control in cases where it's needed.

  • We've improved the rendering of structural walls so their size match exactly the size of non-structural walls they overlap.

  • We've improved the performance when using subspace rendering, by not rendering non included levels at all. They used to be hidden, now they're gone 🙈.

  • You can now pass color values with their CSS names, like 'cyan', in the data layer color options.

🐛 Bug fixes

  • We've fixed an issue that could sometimes lead to an unintended "flash" effect when clicking the info link in the viewer.

  • We've fixed an issue where stairs were missing in 2D mode.

  • We've fixed the handling of ranges of levels to include using ~ in shared space links.

  • We've fixed an issue with 2d rendering with thick grounds.

  • We've fixed a bug that would crash the viewer if it was passed elements that don't have a position or coordinates. They're now ignored.